• How much money would you need each month to retire?
  • To be in control and decide IF and WHAT you did each day?
  • What about having enough money to take 8 weeks or more vacation this year?

  • How about never missing one of the children’s school plays or sports events again…

If you just calculate the costs and extras it’s probably not as much as you think.

Perhaps you love your work but a little extra cash would be good.

How does $6,000 sound in time for Christmas? It’s only $100 a day.

Maybe $9,000?

What I’m about to share with you has never been released to the masses and for good reason.

Don’t worry it’s completely legal and legitimate, although it does have a saturation and breaking point that means there has to be a limit. In fact a large casino group had to close down its tables recently because this method was so successful… but more on that later.

What you are about to learn could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. That foot in the door or helping hand.

Over the next few minutes you’ll be hearing about a no-hype, easy way to earn $100 a day and it’s so easy a 6-year old could do it. (In fact you can earn a lot more than $100…but I’d prefer to under promise & over-deliver)

Take a moment to think about how much extra cash you’d like a month.

$300? $1000? $5,000?

In just a few minutes you will have the key to make exactly how much you want in as little as 1 hour a day.

But first, let me go back and share with you my story of how we got here…..

How we developed a product that 1000’s of people all around the world are using to get extra income.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It’s a proven system that has taken 10 years to develop.

I am certainly not a guru!

"Up 5378 units. Total shoes 142. Total profit 18.5k give or take 500"
Scott M. ~ Florida

In fact I grew up in a blue collar neighbourhood, finished school at 16 years old and decided to get to work.

I actually did ok. Progressed through the ranks of national companies but I was never fulfilled.

Working 9 to 5 every day to have just enough money to go on vacation for a couple of weeks, have an OK car and be able to go out on the weekend, was never going to be enough.

Maybe like you, I tried so many things to get out of the “rat race”.

Yes, I loved Robert Kiyosaki’s stuff and even bough the Cashflow game. I also tried:

  • Arbitrage
  • Sports betting
  • Selling on eBay
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Wholesaling products
  • Blackjack
  • Trading stocks and shares

Even door to door MLM for novelty household items.

I can still see the pity in people’s eyes as I delivered the catalogs, picked up the order forms and delivered the products a few days later.

And you know… I actually did ok on almost all of these. I made some money, met some good people but it wasn’t fun.

Working all day, then spending all evening and weekends on this stuff meant I had some extra cash but no life.

Then things changed in 2000!

I ended up working on a project with an American TV personality who was launching a TV station in the UK.

We got on well but I was a little overawed by the lifestyle.

After one appearance on QVC I met up with him in a fancy hotel in London and quite frankly I was staggered at the opulence of the place.

From memory the rooms were about $5000 (if you could get in) and he was smoking $100 Cuban cigars and drinking whisky that cost a small fortune.

Over the years I got to know him better and ended up sharing a corporate house together.

Not just any house…. But an $11 million mansion in one of the exclusive Sydney neighbourhoods. (Coincidentally it was the same house that appeared on Simon Cowell’s Australian idol for the budding celebs)

Did I mention I’m a “normal guy” from a working class neighbourhood?

All sounds lovely right? But what has it got to do with you?

Well something really caught my attention on a trip with my pal to the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was betting $10,000 or more per hand on a game called Baccarat.

geeky image baccarat system

Apparently it’s the favourite game of James Bond! (and some non-fiction big wigs too!)

To meet it seemed crazy. Pick an outcome ahead of the game starting and then you can’t do anything. It wasn’t like Poker or Blackjack where you could influence the game.

It felt like the toss of a coin… Little did I know

The same happened when we happened to be in Las Vegas a few months later.

We were “comped” and one of the largest suites at the Paris Hotel, absolutely free.

This place was amazing it was actually 2 or 3 bedroomed with a huge lounge area, baby grand piano and get this… not one but two butlers!

I must admit I felt a bit of a fraud.

Armed with my Gold elevator key, whisked through check in to a private salon and an all areas pass, free tickets to the best shows in town and in reality I personally only had a few hundred dollars to gamble with.

So I quizzed my friend about Baccarat and why he chose the game and how he managed to win so often and so much…

He just smiled…. Told me he’d figured out a “secret code” that millionaires were using that he’d picked up from his World speaking tour with the likes of Mikhail Gorbachev, General Schwarzkof and Australia’s most famous stock trader Rene Rivkin.

And then he left it at that…. Kind of brushed me off.

I just figured he knew I didn’t have enough money to get involved…

baccarat system Tom Jones

About a year later Welsh Singer Tom Jones changed everything!

I love Tom Jones and saw he was playing in Vegas whilst I was going to be in California I just knew I had to see him perform live, so I called up my friend and asked if he fancied going.

We took a road trip together from Ojai, California and in that 4 hour car ride, he spilled the beans on his Baccarat system.


Why was he telling me? Well he actually wanted to figure out how to be able to get this secret code out to more people, so others could get a lucky break.

I can’t go in to the full details of why he didn’t just want to keep it to himself but needless to say his motives were pure as far as you and I were concerned.

I have to say when he first described how it worked it seemed a little complicated.

Also nothing was written down and it was all a little bit “gut feel”.

Well I’m cautious by nature and if I were going to help him get this system out it needed to be more thoroughly tested.

geeky image baccarat system

Also it had to be simple enough that even if you’d never been in a casino before… it would still work and be easy to understand.

So I commissioned him and his team to build a computer program that would calculate the precise outcomes over 1 million shoes.

(Don’t worry if you don’t know what a “shoe” is in this context….you don’t need to know).

The numbers came in and it was confirmed…. A 96% win rate

So that means, out of every 100 times you sit down to play, you win 96 times on average.

My next question was how did we guarantee that the 4 times you didn’t win… you still end up profitable.

I don’t mind telling you…. I invested a lot of money in this project. All told it was over $300,000.

For a long time it didn’t seem like there was a “cast iron” formula that would work.

We tested hundreds of patterns, amounts, systems, the only thing I knew was that I wouldn’t release something that didn’t work…

Then the breakthrough came…

Among the hundreds of patterns and rows of data… there it was.

Sequence 182!

It may not mean much to you, but boy, I’d have happily named my next child 182 I was that happy.

We’d done it…. We found a pattern, sequence and simple way to beat the odds, legally and consistently.

In fact we then found 3 other patterns almost immediately that delivered regular, consistent profits.

So we increased the tests and ordered 10 million shoes to be tested with these new patterns.

    Next we shared the system with a few people from different countries.

    UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada & Australia.

    We had some people play online, others in Casino and yes…. It all led to the same result.

    Somewhere between a 96 & 97% win rate and consistent profits.

    I then commissioned the ultimate test……

    My accountant!

    Yes, he’s the most risk averse person you could ever meet. But I knew he’d stick to the absolute letter of the system.

    There would be no “enhancing” or “experimenting” with the system.

    Well he was reluctant at first but agreed.

    Starting with around $500 and playing just an hour a day over the next month or so he was able to buy his wife a brand new car (with cash) and book a luxury holiday to India all from his profits!

    He had no coaching no prep and no one sat over his shoulder… He just had access to the same information you will receive if you choose to change your life today.

    This is probably the fastest, easiest legal way to make cash on the planet and you determine how much you win. Either play longer or increase the bet amount… the choice is yours.

      So how does it work?

      ✔ Well it is extremely simple.

      ✔ You probably won’t even need notes… although I’d recommend you take some.

      ✔ It’s not counting cards.

      ✔ It’s not Martingale or the advanced martingale system.

      ✔ You aren’t sat waiting for a pattern to appear before betting.

      ✔ In fact, it’s not anything you’ve seen before.

      It is the exact system. It will tell you how much, when and how to bet…. Just follow the system.

      So to recap....

      • This is a system used by millionaires
      • You could earn up to $5000 or $10,000 a day if you have a large pot of cash to start with.
      • Most people can start small and easily make $100, $200 or even $500 a day playing less than 1 hour.
      • It’s been verified by much smarter people than me.
      • You don’t have to have any previous experience (in fact it’s a plus if you don’t!)
        • "Up $4648.50. 5th shoe I won 12 of 18 hands, 10 in a row. 6th shoe of 24 hands I won 19 of them, of those I had 10 in a row and 7 in a row"
          Scott M. ~ Florida

          So how much does it cost?

          Think about this…. If you had a money tree in your back yard that produced $100 every day. How much would you be willing to sell it for?

          What about if that tree produced $200, $500 or even $1,000 per day?

          How much would you sell it for?

          Let’s do the maths…. $100 a day is around $3,000 per month or $36,000 per year. This tree is evergreen and never goes bad.

          If the tree produced $200 a day that would be over $70,000 each and every year.

          Well you get my point. I don’t think $100,000 would be unreasonable.

          But don’t worry…I haven’t lost my mind and It’s not going to cost you your life savings.

            We invited 50 people to come to Zurich, Switzerland last year to be taught a 6 hour seminar covering the system and every conceivable question someone might have.

            Those people paid $15,000 each to attend plus flew themselves there and paid for their own hotel and costs. All told probably $18-$20,000 all in.

            The great news is that I recorded the whole thing in High Definition. All 6 hours of it!

            Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t take 6 hours to learn, but as I said this was step by step and included every last question the audience members had.

            So thank you for bearing with me! I get excited at the prospect of changing people’s financial situation for the better.

            I was lucky… I happened to be at the right place at the right time.

            I am only going to release 50 copies of this recording and they are going to go fast.

            This is not false scarcity….. I mentioned at the top of this page that one major casino lost so much money to our members that they had to shut their tables down.

            Yes, we flipped the “house advantage” and legally and systematically took their cash.

              So here’s what I’d like to do for you…

              I initially priced the recordings at $2,997. Around 1 month’s winnings for a cautious, low bankroll player, which I thought was fair. With a further $30,000 when you win $100,000.

              However I want to make this as easy as possible for you….

              If you are one of the first 10 people to buy this system today, you’ll only pay $997 saving $2,000.

              That’s not all…..

              I’ll also waive the $30,000 fee down the line (although you can send it if you wish!)

              Plus I’ll give you this unheard of guarantee!

              Watch the entire videos for 30 days. Play a little…. Either with real money or paper trading and if you are not 100% satisfied, you can get every cent back. A 100% no questions asked refund.

              Now I’ve researched a lot of Baccarat systems and without fail, all their customer service stinks. There’s flimsy guarantees…

              You know the type that says you can have a refund…. But only if you haven’t opened the system and watched it…. Huh?

              I’ll also give you your own printed sheets to keep track of the system and winnings plus…..

              And this hasn’t ever been done before. You’ll get all 6 hours plus bonus footage worth over $2000 packaged up and sent in a physical DVD set. (The original buyers had 7 days to watch and then their access was switched off to protect it from being passed around)


              Our after sales customer service is world class! Skype, Phone and email support is a standard. We still support those players who bought 18 months ago…. This is the real deal

              So start thinking about what you’ll spend the extra $3000 a month, $10,000 a month… the sky is the limit

                You have absolutely nothing to lose. 100% risk free!

                Remember though this is limited to the first 50 people. After that it’s over…. We switch off the buy now button and just work with the players who are took action….

                This could be your Golden Ticket. Invest in yourself today and take a full 30 days to review and make a decision for yourself. Test the system and start making money.

                If you buy today, your order will be processed immediately and you’ll be able to access the videos and system online…. You won’t even have to wait for the DVD’s in the mail.

                You won’t be disappointed. So hit the button below and get started today. You could be earning extra cash within hours.

                I look forward to welcoming you are part of the club on the other side.

                PS – I almost forgot to mention….. We’ll also show you how to claim free cash from the Casino’s and tricks to actually increase the amount and frequency at which they give it to you!